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Hydrate your soul with the only bottled water in the world with naturally present colloidal gold and silver. The combination of these rare minerals, long considered natural healers, contributes to the perfect balance of oligo-elements needed for replenishment and improved hydration.

Filtered for centuries through the basalt and lava of the Cotopaxi (one of the world's oldest active volcanoes), SPLENDOR's unrivaled purity and taste stem from its truly unique origin. From the sky to the bottle, nothing is added, removed, or altered.

Thanks to its perfect natural balance, SPLENDOR was awarded the Gold Medal in the "Super Low Minerality" category from the Fine Water Society, a coveted designation of taste and purity.

  • >This listing is for a 500mL half case with 12 bottles.
  • *SPLENDOR was previously called HEALTH2O. The bottle has a new look but the water has not changed.